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Originally Posted by MichaelChang View Post
A nice collection you have there. Actually if you group them by head size, all the 600 play very similar, and all the 630s play very similar too. Except the 660. I personally feel the TT Midplus is a bit too heavy and flex somewhat. I liked the original bumblebee midplus better, stiffer.
Originally Posted by zapvor View Post
wow thats a big family! good stuff
Originally Posted by MarrratSafin View Post
Very nice. The old Radicals are all great frames, similar to Pro Tour 630!

You have a green Prestige 600 too, one of my favourites.
I hope to add on to the collection later with other versions, including some XL-versions. Everybody's probably got their favourite, but there was a solidness in the older versions that I appreciate, and some of the more recent models have felt a little bit tinny and hollow in comparison. I have a couple of PT57 A and PT630 too, and they obviously feel rather solid. Great racquets, those old Heads.
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