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Eurhythmics are critically acclaimed because Dave Stewart is smart and it is basically illegal to disparage Annie Lennox. But I can give them the Ace of Base isn't even a band.

So, I heard an REM song at a party on Friday. Next 'song' was some awful noise by a band called Limp Bizkit, making the likes of Radiohead, REM and the Chili Peppers sound like virtuosi. The pairing made me think about this thread, and heycal's frustrations, haha.

THat said, I really liked the Bends and OK Computer. Then they started to lose me.

On solo trips, I used to listen to The Bends all the way through. Their successes on those two 'albums' are why any noises they make are certified 'hits'. Thom York farts while his iPhone indicates an incoming email...and the critics swoon. That gives me an idea.

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