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One of the more interesting things I find about today's music is just how disposable the artists seem to be.

The pretty pop girls get replaced as soon as someone younger and prettier is found.

People listen to so many different music delivery systems now that real bands actually get [I]less[I] exposure.

I remember specifically when Simon Cowell formed One Direction. Bands like these are the real winners because the kids only need to be attractive and know how to follow instructions. How easy is that job? Ride around in the bus/plane, smile, sign some autographs, get blowed while your stylist makes you pretty for the show, go out and dance in front of 30,000 screaming 13 year old girls who want nothing more than to marry you and have your babies, go to the studio where the music is already there, written by experts who know how to write a song specifically designed to target the hearts of said 13 year old girls, record the whole album in one take bc auto tune will do most of the work anyway, go home, spend your paycheck as quickly as possible before you're replaced by the next boy band.

That begs the question... I wonder how many of these pop singers/bands actually just get a plain old paycheck while someone else collects the royalties.
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