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Originally Posted by robow7 View Post
Bottom line: Fed shanks more balls in two games than AA did in a season. Seriously!
well fed owned agassi not because of his ballstriking but because he was better in:
-shot making (angles, slice, dropper, net game, overhead)

(just some minor details).

I would say agassi was a cleaner ballstriker than fed but you have to consider that fed is an extreme topspin player. we always consider the flat hard strikers like agassi, davydenko, davenport, del potro and so on and cleaner ballstrikers but they do also have an "unfair" advantage:

when you hit flat your racket moves relatively parellel to the ball flight giving you a large zone to hit the ball while the topspin player hits in a steep angle towards the ball. that means your racket and ball move in different directions only giving you one possible contact point.

in baseball players thus try to match the plane of the pitch with their swing to have a higher chance of hitting it cleanly. hitting heavy top is the opposite of matching the plane.

if agassi tried to swing as spinny (and wristy) as fed does he would shank a whole lot more. so comparing flat hitters with heavy spin players is kinda unfair in that regard. and the one handed BH also is more shank prone than a two hander.
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