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Originally Posted by dominikk1985 View Post
1. fed: he has the rafa issue and no strong opponents from 04-05 but career slam, longest no.1 and most slams. also probably GOAT in both W (most important slam) and USO. he also continued to win from 08-12 despite facing very strong opponents and not being the youngest guy.

2. laver: most dominant of all despite missing his prime years but I don't reward for "what if" and he did not have very strong opponents

3. pete: a lot of slams plus owned his main rivals. he also had to face a lot of good opponents. but he was just too weak on clay to be considered GOAT. no career slam

4.borg: very dominant and could have won more if not his early retirement and AO skipping. but again no what ifs so he is 4th

5. rafa: 11 slams plus owning the GOAT on clay. their h2h is skewed but even baby nadal could keep up with prime fed on every surface. however not good enough in the AO and USO to be considerd higher. career slam is nice but just one title each is a little thin. he is behind borg because borg dominated two slams vs rafas 1

6.connors: most tournaments won and very long no.1 and also missed some more slams because of AO skipping. however he did not have the best opponents (laver was old and borg not yet there), when borg took over he beat connors most of the time (especially 79-81 when connors did not win a single match)

7.from here it becomes tough. I go with lendl at 7

8.I go with macenroe since agassi was owned so much by pete

9.agassi: career slam and very long and successsfull career although he was owned by sampras

10. djokovic: not the most slams but he had to face a slightly past prime fed and prime nadal as probably the best opposition ever. murray is not bad either.
Of course it's a matter of opinion but Laver did play Rosewall in his prime, Gonzalez (still strong but pass his prime by a little), Gimeno, Newcombe (at his best), Roche, Stan Smith, Arthur Ashe, Roy Emerson, Tom Okker, Santana, Ralston, Drysdale during the years he was winning majors. I do think these were extremely strong players but it is a matter of opinion so judge for yourself. Eight of these player have won majors and many of them multiple majors. In later years Laver played Kodes, Nastase, Borg, Connors, Vilas, Orantes, Gerulaitis, Tanner, Solomon, Dibbs, John Alexander.

Nice list. I like it that you rank Connors up there. I think Connors is vastly underrated especially considering he won 149 tournaments in his career, the most of the Open Era by a little over Ivan Lendl who won 146.

Djokovic is one of the best players I've seen and I can see him mentioned with any great in the coming years.

Did you consider some of the players like Tilden?

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