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I decided to try hitting with the racquet strung with the Donnay X-Hybrid a little more before adding weight.

It was a good decision and I will not be adding any weight.

I have played enough with the frame now to get past the break in/getting used to period and I am really starting to like it.

I really have to say the Donnay X-Hybrid string job made all the difference in the world. I have played with many many hybrids and I can say that priced at $6 I dont think I will be using any other hybrids from now on. This string is just awesome all around. Good feel, spin, power, and great durability. String does not loose tension quickly either.

As for the racquet what continues to be my favorite aspect is how much it has improved my serve. My first serves are more consistent and have more power/speed at the same time.
Volleys are steadily improving as I am getting used to the extreme headlight balance and firming up my grip and follow-trough.
Racquet seems to excel (for me) in using a low slice and follow in strategy.
Forehands are good as long as I keep my swing speed up. I can hit flat or spin and with good power but if I let up in my swing speed then balls will fly (for lack of spin) or land way to short in the court.

I played my first tournament with this stick last weekend. It was a doubles tournament and I got a fair good of net play in. I was not superstar up at the net but I played decent with the stick. Anyways we finished 2nd place which I was happy with.
Racquet: Wilson PS97 String: Prince syn gut @55lbs in mains, ISOSPEED Baseline Control 16 @50lbs in crosses, Wilson 6.1 95s backup same string setup
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