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Default did someone have this kind of injury?

hi, i had an unexpected injury in my foot, not by spraining my ankle.

i was running forward and then stopped with my right foot to change direction when suddenly heard a 'knack' sound and felt a serious pain causing me to stop immediately and go home. i was able to limp and then went home to see what happened.
i recognized the a swollen area (a little swollen, not too much) around here:

i rested for 2 days, and i can limp when not fully stepping on my foot (straightening my foot and stepping only on my ankle is somewhat ok).
when sitting i don't have any discomfort ATM. i can move my foot a bit but there are obviously some painful angles i cannot reach.

tomorrow i'll go to an orthopedic but still wanted to know if anyone had this kind of sprain or whatever?
and most importantly, how long does it take to FULLY recover? (2 weeks? more?)


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