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I am all for more notices and warnings. I am not a macho man who makes fun of these warnings. A macho man in a cast in a hospital is not a macho man at all.

I noticed yesterday that a grocery store had posted a warning that "floors may be wet due to the rain." That is, people were walking in from the rain, making the place slippery. I have only seen signs like this after the floor has been mopped. But if it alerts people, I am all for it. I am not going to sneer and say "Hey this is for the fools who don't know that people can walk in with wet shoes hehehe," before falling and being carried to the hospital.

Having a philosophical view of accidents and attributing everything to destiny or a "test of faith" is not up my alley. With each safety precaution we take, it seems that destiny has indeed been changed and "tests of faith" are being handed out less and less, leading me to believe only in probabilities which should be minimized.
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