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Originally Posted by guitarplayer View Post
Sounds like you need to stay with your little girly phone. Hey, put some sparkles on it too! It will fit in your
That's right. I might stay with my current phone.

My phone is girly? Maybe to an insecure, immature, and senile 57 year old man.

Originally Posted by guitarplayer View Post
Been a month with my S3 and I love it. Wife and daughter love their iphone5's...however....I'm sure they have a much lower iq than me..............looks around nervously.
Originally Posted by guitarplayer View Post
Its been 4 weeks with my S3 and wife and daughter with their I5

I've messed with theirs....they've messed with mine. I wouldn't go back to my old iPhone for anything. They love theirs...however my daughter admits she would love to have live wallpapers like I do for different seasons. Some great Halloween ones, and I showed her the many Christmas ones. She wants the Frosty the Snowman and Roudolf n so bad.

Both are great phones. But you all know........mine is better!!!!!
Originally Posted by guitarplayer View Post's because of some of your claims like is 3 times faster than everything's not. It is no faster than anything else. My wife and daughters are certainly no quicker than my S3.

The camera on my S3 takes amazing pics less quality then our two I5's. Yet you act as if the quality is like comparing an old Polaroid to the latest digital.

I'm in Ft Myers. Heading back on Wednesday. Next time I'm down I'll hit you up and we can play some. Orlando is about a 3 hour drive though...might be worth it...your iPhone will probably be in the trash can by then!!! Ha
Originally Posted by guitarplayer View Post
Wilson or Babolat? Ford or Chevy? Mercedes or BMW? Gibson or Fender? Martin or Taylor? It's all the same..........................

Except my Galaxy S3 is better than your little toy iPhone!

LOL. And to think you were accusing PowerPlayer for overcompensating. Based on these posts, you are a 57 year old man with a mental age of 12.

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