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Originally Posted by Sid_Vicious View Post
Since you switched from an Iphone to the S3, I have a few questions.

How is the music player? I really love the Ipod integrated into the phone. I heard there are some good apps on the android app store that are pretty good.

How would you rate the quality? When I held the phone, it felt really delicate and light, but the phone was connected to this alarm-cable in the store so I couldn't hold it properly and maneuver it around.

I heard that there is bloatware on the phone? How big of an issue is this?

How would you compare the screens on the iphone retina display and the S3? Which has a crisper picture? I know that the S3 has an HD screen unlike the iphone, but that does not always equal a better display. Like the Nexus 7, which has an HD screen, yet the color saturation and brightness is far inferior to that of the Ipad 2-3 and the kindle.
And does the Android app store have Racquet tune? (An app that measures string tension?
The iPhone for me wins because of the ease of integration w/ itunes. I do more streaming than anything so it's not as critical. The sound quality is about the same. Winner: iphone

The iPhone feels like high quality because is weighs more but in truth I like that the GS3 is made of plastic because when I drop it I'm not as worried about it breaking as much as I have in the past with iPhones. You get used to the light feel of the GS3 quickly. Winner: GS3

Bloatware is something that's on any Android (unless you go with the Nexus route). You can disable those bloatware Apps so they don't show up (or delete them if you root your device). I have no need to root my phone so I just disable them and its like they don't even exist. Honestly the iPhone has bloatware too (apps that can't be uninstalled that come standard on the iOS too).

The screens are hard to breakdown. There is no question that the Retina display of the iPhone is crisper, clearer and prettier to look at than the Super Amoled HD screen on the GS3. The issue still comes down to the fact that the iPhone screen is just too small and is hard to deal with when web browsing. The screen on the GS3 is large, proportionate and although not as crisp or clear it gets the job done. It is HD but I'd still the say the iPhone is prettier to look at just not much of it. Winner: Push (do you want size or clarity?)
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