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Originally Posted by World Beater View Post
Lebron just hasn't done enough. Winning one championship is nice - but cleary he has much to do to join the ranks of jordan, chamberlain etc.

Jordan, kareem etc all have good arguments in their favor. But they also play different positions - so its hard to compare. But jordan i would say was the first SG that combined raw athleticism with great skill. There were other players before that had great skill but perhaps not the same athleticism. Jordan also happens to have had the most media coverage and this certainly helps his legendary status.

Novak is far from being a goat candidate. Nadal still has much work to do. They are not yet in the conversation.
Incidentally I noticed I wrote baseball for Lebron, that an obvious typo. Just edited my post there. I agree that Lebron hasn't done enough yet but he has a chance to be up there with anyone who ever played basketball.

I do think Novak has a shot to be a GOAT candidate and an outside chance to be the best ever. I also agree with your comment on Nadal but as with Djokovic he has a chance imo. Funny however when Federer the amont of majors that Nadal has now they were already (prematurely imo) calling him the GOAT. Players like Nadal and Djokovic don't come around too often.

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