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Originally Posted by pc1 View Post

My point was to show the strength of Tilden even in his later years. He did defeat Budge, Vines, Nusslein in tournaments when he was over forty.

Hoad for example often even in losses to Gonzalez showed how strong he was. The Hoad that lost to Gonzalez on tour 36 to 51 showed great strength. Hoad probably would have defeated just about anyone on a head to head tour playing at that level.

Hard to evaluate. Possibly but maybe not.
Actually, I think that in 1958 Hoad would have lost a hth tour with just about any of the top six pros, as his back gave out when leading Gonzales 18 to 8, in a best-of-one-hundred series. He could not play more than about thirty matches straight without problems.
On the other hand, he won the world tournament championship in both 1958 and 1959, where he could pick his spots more and pace his back.
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