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Some thoughts on the Galaxy S3 which I got as a present.

Performance-wise the S3 is very powerful and it does everything I want on my iPad plus more. It has a nice number of apps from the Samsung Appstore and you will find a lot of the apps featured in iOS on it too.

The S3 is a great phone but there are some downsides to it that I can't overlook.

1. The touch screen is too sensitive. Buttons are being pressed without contact with the screen and it can cause a bit of frustration.

2. The menu and return buttons beside the Home button are also too sensitive and placed in a location that is easily touched by the base of your thumb. This leads to a lot of accidental Go Back's.

3. The volume buttons and power button are placed in locations that are too easily pressed. Accessibility is good but when I want to grip my phone firmly, I end up pressing the power button a lot. You can avoid this by holding the phone slightly different but that's not the point of good ergonomics.

1 is not something that can be adjusted in settings, maybe they can release an update to do so but for now I just have to deal with it.

2 and 3 would probably be solved with a good case for the phone. I'm still looking around the one but really, I shouldn't need a case to cover some inconveniences in the phone.
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