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Originally Posted by Graphiteking View Post
Nice vid TomT!! I pray that I can still go out and play at your age. Yes I like the change. I'm more consistent with the platform.
I think I might as well stick with platform also. (Not least of which because one poster pointed out that it's easier on his back.) While trying to get a bit more power and better net clearance via higher toss, knee bend, rotation, and jumping into the ball (assuming that's even possible for me to ever be able to do).

Your serve looks good now, and it looks like you have lots of potential to improve it further.

Originally Posted by Graphiteking View Post
I'm just gonna experiment with the flat serve, nothing set in stone.
Ok. I'll be looking for future vids on that. As well as any developments in your slice as that's what I need to develop.

Originally Posted by Graphiteking View Post
As far as the shorts, looks like they work for you, plus your opponent will be throwed off by them!!
Haha. Whatever works, eh? (Within the bounds of good taste and fair competition of course. ) Although so far they don't seem to be throwing most of my opponents off enough to actually enable me to win matches . Maybe something more gaudy ... like bright polka dot shorts with one of those t-shirts with flickering led lights. Ok, I'm getting a bit off topic. Just that I never really thought of the boardshorts as being a distraction, but only as a fashion statement.
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