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Originally Posted by abmk View Post
you follow tennis these days, right ?

anyone who follows tennis these days would/should have some idea about the records of the top 2 players of the generation on all surfaces ... I am not saying they should know all the details, just that they should have some idea .....

federer has been winning YEC after YEC and nadal has made only one final there ...

as you have now seen - and as those who've watched closely know, federer has won plenty more titles indoors - 20 to nadal's 1

federer's winning % is wayyy better - 80% to nadal's 64% ...its not in the same stratosphere .....

leaving aside the stats for a moment, isn't it wayyyy too obvious from their styles of play that federer's style of play translates far better onto indoor surfaces than nadal's ?

If you were someone whom I wasn't sure watched tennis these days or not, I would have given the stats .....but that isn't the case here ...
Federer is better than Nadal by much on an indoor carpet match.Thing is, like grass , the very few tournaments played indoors nowadays have slow courts.Even in a slow indoor court, Nadal is unable to beat Federer.

Again, XXI century tennis has nothing to do with the XX century tennis.Not grass, not indoors, not wood.Maybe clay and maybe hard courts.So we cannot compare current with past since courts are so much different.
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