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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
kiki, I agree. Thanks that you consider Rosewall's greatness in a serious way.

By the way, I guess that many posters are not aware that Rosewall has won more grass majors than Sampras or Federer. I concede in his time there were much more grass court events.

Laver leads with 12 grass majors.
Tilden is second with 11 (included one pro major at FH)
Rosewall is third with 8 grass majors.
The only guy I think Kodes could not beat was Laver ( although he beat him once), but he defeated the whole rest of great players of the early 70īs.

Kodes was superb on clay but was just as superb on grass, as he won a Wimbledon title and reached another semifinal there, and reached two USO finals.
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