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Originally Posted by Dan Lobb View Post
The Queen also showed up for the 1957 Wimbledon final where Hoad dominated Cooper, and the 1962 final where Laver dominated Mulligan. Two special players.
In general, the Queen does not attend Wimbledon, unlike other major sporting events. Probably because her own father played men's doubles at Wimbledon in the early 1920's, he asked the other players to show him no special favours, and he was beaten badly as a result. I guess the other players should not have followed his advice.
Lovely story.Never heard about.

Who was the most famous personality who played tennis at a certain competitive level? Jimmy Carter was hooked on tennis, I know.France former prime minister Jacques Chaban Delmas won some national events when he was starting his political career, but never got highly ranked enough.

John Alexander is now a MP.Buster Mottram and Adriano Panatta have ran for City Council seats, although in two very different ( opposite) parties.

Maybe John mc Enroe, who is a staunch democrat will give it a try at politics.He could turn out being the most famous tennis player/politican ever...
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