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Originally Posted by DNShade View Post
He doesn't say on the video -- but it's the same 300 mold that he has been using since he came back to Dunlop. 98 sq inches.
It's so strange, I'm pretty good but no pro. I played Justin Bower and wouldn't have a chance to beat him, yet I prefer 90" head, sometimes my 95.
I'm starting to think I should follow the crowd and get a larger head, I mean Sampras is using what a 100, Mac 98, all the pro's except like three guys over 90, yet I just like it.

Anyone think 90 inch heads have gone the way of the Do-Do?

I don't have any problems with the 90 except in high intensity play occasionally, but ironically I can always find the SS in the 90, but when I go bigger, unless it's a spin shot, I have to "Look" for the SS, weird, I guess to each his own.
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