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Originally Posted by NLBwell View Post
Personally, I'd love to see the Graduate or Approach, but I'm not sure they'd sell to the larger market.
Funny, I was going to say these would be the best to bring back or CTS Lightning. Good all around rackets. Could be a good fit for a beginner/intermediate as well a tournament level players. Prince needs a racket with Pure Drive-like appeal.

POG is a dinosaur, and if not for nostalgia, I would argue it has no place in the lineup. I love that racket and played with it for over a decade in my junior years. Still have a couple. It's a great feeling to hit with it when I get nostalgic, but no way I'd carry it into battle these days. There are other rackets in Prince's history that would probably be better to keep around or bring back for those who want a players' stick (Diablo, Exo3 Tour, NXG graphite, rebel).
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