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Originally Posted by COPEY View Post
I'm a big proponent of the s-hook method, however, if your machine has a good brake this method is pointless. If you know how to use the 50/50 method you can compare the two and figure out which one you prefer. Quite a few people use the 50/50 or a boomerang. I've tried the boomerang and it works fine, however, on occasion they pop out of place, which isn't a huge deal, but with the s-hook that's never an issue. The 50/50 method was fine as well, but I simply prefer the simplicity of the s-hook. There was something about starting in the middle of the racquet and being obligated to use a starting clamp that didn't quite sit well with me, didn't seem as seamless as using the s-hook. Anyway, your opinion may be different. Try it and see what you think - it's a cheap experiment.

I'll let others address your remaining questions as I'm short on time. Good luck!
I really dont agree that the boomerang works fine. Cross strings seem to lose a substantial amount of tension especially on the Prince EXO3 Silver, although there seem be tension loss on all Prince EXO3 when using boomerang due to the fact that cross string is not even close to being horizontal while being tensioned. Irvin what is your opinion on this?>
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