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I did the same thing soon after I started playing tennis ~2 years ago. Not quite a tear requiring surgery but I could barely walk and certainly couldn't run w/o extreme pain.

I took a couple months off and resolved to never again accelerate my middle aged body like that.

On the upside: it did wonders for my anticipation and court coverage skills. I spent that time learning about how to move efficiently on the court and how to avoid injury.

The MOST important tool for good movement and court coverage: your BRAIN!

When you take your shot and see the result you can immediately move to cover your opponent's highest percentage shot while the ball is still heading in their direction. If you know their game well, so much the better.

Some friends (and my wife) express surprise that I can reach certain balls given my age ("only" 46). It's because I'm moving immediately after my shot and watching careful for clues in their body language as to their next shot.

This approach has saved by poor knees and legs from major injury since that first one.

What I learned from that experience: if you're running around like maniac you're not thinking and the opponent is controlling the game.
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