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Originally Posted by andrehanderson View Post
Returned to tennis 6 months ago after 20 years away from it. Played varsity and local tournaments for 5 years then quit for 20 years. Please let me know hat glaring errors im making, as well as a rough estimate on my NTRP rating (which I know is probably difficult without seeing my entire game in match play).

Thanks so much!!!
Thanks for the vid Andre. Enjoyed watching it. Nice camera angle. From this vid you look like the 3.25 to 3.5 guys I play against. But this is just one vid, and I notice now that you've posted some more, so I might change that assessment.

Having said that, your competitive game might well be around 4.0 as you look young and very athletic. You might play very well under pressure and have a formidable serve. And your strokes might actually be quite consistent in match play.

Also will add that whatever your competitive level right now is, you look to have lots of potential. Now to the other vids.
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