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Originally Posted by winstonplum View Post
I'm not sure I understand what you're saying. Anyway, I probably will never have enough time to do all the practicing, outside of matches, to move past 4.5
LOL. Saying that age has little or nothing to do with it is just not very realistic. Look at the USTA lists of 5.0 players and see what percentage of them are over 50. Or over 40 for that matter, There are some, but these are usually the studs who were even better than that in their youth and have slipped just a bit to rest at 5.0. They aren't moving up to 5.0 after 40---they are holding onto what they already had by staying in great condition and playing a heck of a lot. Usually they also are tennis naturals who had a lot of God-given natural talent to begin with. That is not to say all the rest of us have to despair---we don't. Age doesn't have to be the killer to our game. Most players who start dropping off do not do so because they get older per se, but because AS they get older they work out less, they play less frequently, they work at their game less, they gain weight, they have families or other interests that take time away from their game, etc. It isn't the aging itself that erodes their skills so much but what getting older means as a way of life. Those who are good and keep after it remain good for a very, very long time. And as seniors, they are still the cream of the senior crop. And as super-seniors, they are the cream of the super-senior crop. I topped out as a solid 4.5 in my early forties, but left the game all but socially for several years when I went back to grad school. But at 56, I am still a strong-very strong 4.0, and could probably return to the 4.5s if I had the time to devote to really working at my game. Tennis really IS the sport for a lifetime, my friend. One of the best things about it!
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