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Originally Posted by bluetrain4 View Post
Because of it's party-centric, questionable academics, sometimes NCAA-violating football program (which was my only knowledge of Miami), for years, I thought Miami was a second (or third)-rate state school - and all students were like Michael Irvin or others on the teams of yesteryear, the posse of guys who hung out with him, or the women he slept with.

But, I've since learned that it's a private school, and a pretty good school as well.

I mean, plenty of schools have those commercials during games that remind you of other aspects of the school, other than football. Miami probably does now, but back in their 80s heyday, I don't ever remember seeing anything like that. I figured the school was the South Beach club/bar scene transported to a campus setting plus football - and that's all.
US NEWS has Miami ranked as the highest school in Florida (no. 35 or something), public or private. The football image is so strong that he level of the school gets forgotten sometimes.
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