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I played and took lessons for years,,for me a fork in the road showed up, rock or classical,, I could not get my self to buy a hand made luis echevarria guitar although I strummed a few chords with one, Segovia used this guitar and his protege Chris parkening, I got to the point I could play what I heard on the radio, however, I did not want to entertain other peeps,, just not my bag.
My instructor took a vacation from his studio and put me on the spot to give beginning to advanced lessons,they all gave such praise I thought I was a VIP, VIP I'll take that in world second, hahhahaha
Okay, when I was playing the guitar, the world was an oyster and I cracked it open several times to look yet dont touch the pearl,hahahhaha, VIP is genuine, Superstars are dime a dozen.hahhahahha, something about making pleasant sounds that gave me tremendous insight. a very good thing,,hahahhahahahahahahaha

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