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Originally Posted by World Beater View Post
Your hypothesis is fair.

But i happen to disagree. I am stating that wood racquets take LESS skill to master than modern racquets because of the amount/ number of shots you can manufacture with today's racquets.

simply, put - there is more that can be done with today's racquets which also necessitates that you must master more to take full advantage of the modern racquets.

meaning..if you want to hit with power - your swing has to be more violent with modern racquets, but that means you must have much better timing.

older racquets - much more difficult to generate power and the swings are far less violent. You swing slower but also timing becomes easier.

Its the same analogy - with F1 cars Vs. mid-size sedan cars.

If i prove myself to be the best mid size car sedan driver in the world...vs the best F1 driver in the world. Who would impress you more?

To be the best F1 driver is simply much harder.
There are several empirical and logical flaws here.

But I actually agree with your conclusion--except the wooden racquet is the Formula One racer.

The 100 sq. in. Babolat with poly strings is the mid-size sedan with cruise control and anti-lock brakes. (Read what Djokovic had to say about hitting with a wood racquet.)
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