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Originally Posted by Mongolmike View Post
Not a 99s review, but 105s review, if anyone is interested.

I demo'd the 105s today for 2 hours... I focused solely on the 105 because the specs were closer in line to what I want than the 99.... I gotta say, I'm sold.

I use a lighter racquet (Dunlop Aerogel 500 light, 16x18, lead at the 3-9) so I can generate more racquethead speed and more topspin since I hit with firm FH topspin, 1H topspin BH, decent kicker 2nd serve, so like I said, the 105 was closer to my needs.

I would say the 105 does as advertised.

My control was solid, bit more useful topspin, racquet felt solid and comfortable, little more kick on the kicker.

Playing matches for only two hours wasn't enough to get everything dialed in, so I'd say I was hitting about 85% of my normal swing speed (because the few times I swung all out I sailed it... which I'm sure I could correct with more time with the stick and a stringing tension adjustment).

I was not able to check the string tension, so I imagine it was strung around 56 (with the 4G in 2 piece). Anyone know if 2 piece is the recommendation? The 4G felt nice, but I'm curious to try some of my current spin favs too(Dunlop Juice, Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour, or BHB7).

For groundstrokes, I didn't see the ball jump any more than usual, but I did play a regular opponent (more on this later) and there were groundies that he whiffed on as the ball jumped past him a few times, and when we played doubles I hit a defensive lob that landed deep and not only jumped over the opponent, but also jumped over the back curtain completely out of play. Odd thing was, I didn't think I put excessive spin on the lob since I was pure on the defense on the shot. BH defensive slices were good. Like I said, I wasn't swinging all out, so even with an easy swing I was getting good bite and drive with slicers.

I have good side to side control on groundies, and even with a new racquet I had the same decent control, maybe a touch more.

Volleys got progressively better as I got more used to the stick... its longer, a bit heavier, bigger head, so I did frame a few, but those I hit solid had good drive and control. I did not have the chance to try any drop shots.

Serves were noticeably better and I adjusted pretty quick to the extra length. My serve and my FH are my strengths, and the extra inch seemed to help with my 1st serve "flat" serve, and the open pattern really helped with my 1st serve slice. I think I actually had more aces with the slice. And with my 2nd serve kicker, it looked like I was getting a touch more kick.

Now (for me at least) the really interesting part. I played singles against a regular friend, then we played doubles against others. Most of the time we play doubles together or against each other, but on occasion we play singles. I've been keeping track of my matches, and I had played this friend in singles in early July and we split sets 4-6 6-3. Two weeks later I beat him 6-2. I played him last Saturday Dec 8 one set of singles and beat him 6-3.... so 4-6, 6-3, 6-2, 6-3. Looks pretty consistent.

Played him today with the new stick that I'd never touched before, not even swinging out 100%.... I beat him 6-0 and it wasn't even that close.

He felt he was playing fine (after we played singles we beat another doubles team 6-0, then beat a third team 6-4... so he more than held his own) but like I indicated, without it being real obvious, I think the little extra spin, the little extra control, the little extra length and bigger head size allowing me to get more solid returns, and the little extra + on the serves seemed to make a pretty big difference in the score.

Like I said, I'm sold. Never had a Wilson racquet before (Volkl, Prince, Babolat, Boris Becker, Dunlop)... guess I'll have a couple now!

Thanks for the review. Much appreciate your feedback. I'l post a link of your review on first page.
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