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Default I think I'm going to string my Mad Raq

I was recently got my hands on one of the old Mad Raqs and ever since I got it (and saw that the previous owner had patched it many times as there are about 20 knots) I have been excited to string it. If you are curious as to what the Mad Raq is there are many good threads on TT and links to pictures on the flickr below.

I am wondering about how long this may take me to string. As you can in the 'newer' flickr pictures I do have the diagram and string pattern. I was able to find those in an old '94 Stringers Digest (Mad Raqs were not included in '97 edition). I think I am a pretty quick stringer? I just strung a PS85 16 x 18 in 20 minutes while watching TV (Strings Cut and Racket Clamped to Off the Stringer). I prefer to use NEOs but used a Prince 5000 for the PS85 because that's what I'll have to do the Mad Raq on.

If any one has any experience stringing Mad Raqs I would be curios to know how much longer it might take. And, any tips would be appreciated! I do not have the wedge they mention in the Stringers Digest so that may be my first challenge. Another challenge I am anticipating is stringing both diagonals simultaneously (both clamps can't be on the same side) so when both clamps should be on the same side I will clamp in the middle as far over as possible and use one of the double clamps to hold tension near the sides.
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