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Originally Posted by goran_ace View Post
Prince needs a racket with Pure Drive-like appeal.
Prince had a number of PD-like racquets. I played with few:
Graphite Pro Classic series (widebody)
Synergy Tour Ultra Light
Tubo Shark MP
O3 Hybrid Shark MP

POG is a dinosaur, and if not for nostalgia, I would argue it has no place in the lineup. I love that racket and played with it for over a decade in my junior years. Still have a couple. It's a great feeling to hit with it when I get nostalgic, but no way I'd carry it into battle these days.
Get the leather grip off your POG 4-stripe, or Tour, replace with 2 overgrips only. Now, you've got a ~335g, ~5 HL modern spec racquet with a classic solid feel. Enjoy!
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