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Originally Posted by markcoop View Post
At this point, my only concern is that I can't straighten the finger without the aid of my other hand. In other words, after bending and extending a few times, I can make a fist by myself (at least most of the way). But I then can't extend the finger by itself. After I help extend the finger, I can hold it straight. I am able to move it up a bit, but not all the way. I'm hoping this is because the joint is still a bit swollen and stiff and I don't have the strength to do it yet. Just not sure if this is normal. I tried doing an exercise where I put a rubberband around my fingers and try to extend outward. Can't really do that with the recovering finger yet. I will keep at it. If I don't see improvement in this area I will finally go to a doctor.
Pardon me for berating you, but after 2 months you still can't extend your finger on its own, and its still swollen? My mallet finger injury was probably worse than yours, and after two months I was off the splint, had over 80% range of motion on its own, and could grip a tennis racquet securely. The difference is that I took my injury to a surgeon and PT from the get go, and you've just been guessing all along.

Besides the fact that your recovery is taking longer than you expected, this injury will haunt you when you get older. For your sake, see a doctor now. And don't forget to tell him/her everything that has transpired.
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