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Originally Posted by svarthofde View Post
one thing i know though:in spite of all the changes and the aggressive marketing "bull bagels" i like my ncode better than my blx
Yes, That is the type of thing I am talking about.

My Wilson 6.1 is made of Graphite Kevlar.

And then Wilson comes out with the newer materials called Basalt and nCode:

The BLX in Wilson stands for Basalt (BL) and extra technologies (X). The racquets uses fibers from basalt, a volcanic rock, to provide a better feel due to reduced vibration.
When a racquet is nCoded nano-sized silicone oxide crystals permeate the voids between the carbon fibers. This adjustment made at the molecular level significantly strengthens and enhances the stability of the overall carbon matrix. Stronger and even more resilient nCoded racquets play better longer.
nCoded racquets measure 2 times stronger 2 times more stable and up to 22% more powerful than ordinary racquets.

It's hard to know when there has been a truly significant discovery in materials or if it is just maketing hype...

I suspect that if a truly superior material comes along, ALL the manufacturers, not just Wilson,
would start using it on their newer racquets.

Until then, I will keep an open mind but remain skeptical.
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