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Originally Posted by makinao View Post
Pardon me for berating you, but after 2 months you still can't extend your finger on its own, and its still swollen? My mallet finger injury was probably worse than yours, and after two months I was off the splint, had over 80% range of motion on its own, and could grip a tennis racquet securely. The difference is that I took my injury to a surgeon and PT from the get go, and you've just been guessing all along.

Besides the fact that your recovery is taking longer than you expected, this injury will haunt you when you get older. For your sake, see a doctor now. And don't forget to tell him/her everything that has transpired.
No problem berating me. I probably deserve it. Not really sure why I've been so stubborn about going to a doctor for this injury. As long as I'm seeing progress, I believe things are healing. Many sources I've seen don't recommend removing the splint for 2 months. I have purposefully been weening off the splint slowly. As long as I'm using the splint at all, there's going to be stiffness. The swelling is minimal at this point, but still there.

Did you have surgery? I would imagine that would change the whole equation for healing.

If I were to go to a doctor, what would they do? I can only imagine 3 courses of action:
1) I'm doing everything ok. It's healing fine. Keep it up.
2) I took the splint off to soon or was to aggressive exercising it and need to re-splint.
3) Operate.

I still don't believe I need (3). I do know a few doctors and nurses who have just took a quick look at it. No one has given me any huge concern like you have a piece of bone sticking out.

Action (2) is possible. The negative of not re-splinting at this point is I will lose a bit of range of motion. First sign of not seeing progress and I'll go to the doctor and this will most likely be what I will do.

I'm pretty sure I'm still in (1) above. These injuries take time to heal. I've read many accounts of months after the splint is off. I'm playing tennis again and have noticed grip improvement every time. It does make sense to me that pushing up on the tip of the finger will come back last. As long as there's stiffness, I can't imagine it any other way.
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