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Lightbulb String Legalities (21g gut usability) for the sake of science!

I was fortunate enough to have found a great deal on 132 sets of natural gut squash racquet string for $80. Within the last three weeks I have done several experiments. I tried combining two sets per hole on the crosses at 55lbs (two because the 21g by itself can only hold 45lbs max) and it felt great for the short time it lasted.

For my next string set up I want to try poly main and every other cross (Volkl Cyclone) @ 55lbs and a single strand of the 21g gut @ 35lbs to fill in the rest of the crosses When it snaps I can just redo the gut.

I am guessing this is illegal due to interpretive technicalities, but for the sake of science, what the heck (Fun is Fun).

I am also soaking 3 sets of the gut in hopes of twisting them together in order to make 1 string (a gut filament?).

I am also looking to do other experiments and could even post some Youtube and picture results.

Any comments or ideas are welcome. For the sake of science!!
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