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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
Hey JC, could you compare the new Speed 16x19 to the prev model?
power? Sweetspot? Stiffness? Do you think it friendlier for 3.5-4.0 level or is it purely a "players stick" for advanced only (4.5 and above).
Hey Jack,

First off, Head Reps contacted me and asked me to take down my videos/pics/preview posts Sorry I guess they don't want me to spoil the Jan 11th surprise party at the Aussie Open?

I'm still going to demo/playtest the Speed Pro this week but can't publish it until Head Austria is cool with it*

Speed MP 16x19 vs older IG...

I think the volleying/returning is easier (has similar feel to the Babolat woofer system where it seems like I get longer dwell time). No kidding, I felt like deflecting hard volleys and returns I could steer the ball maybe not bigger sweetspot but sweeter sweetspot? =)

I think for 4.0's all-court players and counter punchers this is a great stick. If they let me keep this all black demo stick as souvenir I would use it in my own matches. I'm between 4.0-4.5 (need more tourney victories to move up in 2013)...

Out of my 2013 demos, I would rate them for my own play style:
Speed MP > Wilson 99S = Babolat AeroPro > Instinct > Blade 18x20
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