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Originally Posted by maggmaster View Post
Inspirational. For those of us who are younger but not kids and are trying to improve, this is a great example. Thanks man.
I admire his determination, but I am not inspired. In reality his overall net improvement is negative. He is just not as bad as he use to be but still not as good when he was at his peak. What is more inspirational a professional concert violin player that takes off 20 years from playing trying to get back to make first chair at his local community orchestra or a 40 year old adult that takes up violin that makes makes it ? The point is he doesn't have to learn anything. All the technique and ability have already been honed with thousands of hours of training previously. He really just retraining himself so his improvement from 3.5 to 4.5 is expected. An adult recreational player that started tennis in his 30-40s improvement to 4.5 is not necessarily expected and should not be compared.
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