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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Hmmm. I kind of thought that calling "Mine" or suchlike was good practice. It tells the partner that you are large and in charge and are going to hit a confident shot (remember, I'm not supposed to be looking at you). If I hear "Mine," then I know we have resolved the issue of who will play the ball and I can focus on other matters.

Also, the pro we use is a fan of calling "Mine" even if there's not much question that you are going to poach. The reason is psychological. He says you volley more confidently and aggressively when you have "claimed" the ball. I think there may be something to this. Still, I am way more likely to say "Switch" or "you" than "mine."
I agree, I'll call "mine" on a floater that I know I can crush. Gives me self assurance that my partner won't interrupt my stroke.

I'll also say "crush it" to my partner if I see a sitter coming his way.

On a lob that I am going to have to retreat on, I'll usually just say "Oh *****, help" and run like hel! to try to get it. If I hear my partner go for it, I'll probably just say "switch" if it is appropriate.
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