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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post is the control, and how long does it last? A nice comfy poly with great control is basically what the 4G is.
Honestly the control isn't a Lux level, but it's pretty darn good. It's a bit lively but I don't find the problem of over hitting with it. The durability I've had so so luck with. On my first hybrid bed it lasted me just over 5 hours of hitting before the ice popped. That was in a Rad Pro though, and it just eats string. In my Blade it hasn't popped yet and I've put probably close to 5 hours in, and whole the control is still there it's starting to loosen up a bit. I haven't measured it, but since the pattern is closed I'd say a safe bet that it will at least last until the 8 hour mark.

Once I do some more heavy testing I'm hoping to consistently get about 8 hours a string bed, and since I'll be rotating 5 sticks I should be set!

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