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Originally Posted by Tennis Sam View Post
I've got no horse it this race, but it will be interesting to see how well these tournaments are received.

This series definitely adds more opportunities to play out-of-section players. But will the people most vocal against the USTA changes travel to play in these events even if they get NO points for their USTA national ranking? Anyone care to venture a guess?
If the posters objecting to the USTA's proposed changes are honest, and I believe they are, the concerns were:

1. Opportunities for memorable family trips to national tennis tournaments
2. Chances to play a diverse range of competition from out of section
3. Opportunities for college coaches to see players from different sections in a single location.

And all of this contributing to the TRN ranking.

I think the TRN National Series meets each of these concerns. So based on the opinions expressed in this forum, I would predict they will be well-attended.

If my judgment about the posts is wrong, and the real concern is USTA points, well the TRN Nationals won't help there, and that surely would detract from participation
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