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Default Bent Drop Weight Bar

So the other day I was stringing with my Klippermate when I was pulling a cross string that slipped causing the drop weight bar to slam down on the frame of my stringer stand.

The force of the impact slightly bent my drop weight bar (I would say 3-4 degrees). I was about 3/4 done stringing the racquet so I just finished up with no real problems.

I immediately called Klippermate to order another bar. The gentleman who spoke with me on the phone was kinda shocked that I told him the bar was bent and he said that no one ever called about that before.

He asked me how bad the bend was and if I could still move the drop weight up and down the bar. I told him the bend was 3-4 degrees and the drop weight moved up and down the bar with no resistance. The rep told me that I did not need to order another bar and would be just fine with my bar even though it had a small bend in it.

I asked him if it would change the tension weight and he insisted it would not and I had nothing to worry about. So at the time I took his advice and did not order another bar.

Does anyone have a opinion on this or maybe a similar experience to share with me? Even though my stringer still functions just fine I now have this small distraction in my mind that I need to order another bar.
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