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Nice to finally meet Ga, Ga is the best guy you could ever meet, what you see is what you get. Ga tennis game is better than 99% of the posters here on TT. And what is great is that he does not flaunt it, his game is very low key and understated. He lets his racquet do the talking. Anyway, the conference was amazing and worth every penny. The information I got was priceless. I applied the materials to one of my students today and he was stunned by the results in one hour session. I wish we can discuss the materials but we can't. Sorry you will have to come to the meeting in the spring. I wish more of our fellow TT posters will attend this way we will have a TT alliance on how to raise a champion. And if we play doubles against fellow TT'ers , my partner will be Ga, I bet we can beat anyone from the boards
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