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Originally Posted by heninfan99 View Post
Please see 2012 Cincy Final. Olderer can take out Djoker. It can go either way. It's a coin flip right now.

Delpo is more of a challenge, I think, for Olderer.

Delpo is getting better and will challenge Roger better moving forward, but as for 2012, Federer obliterated DelPo.

6-2 this season including the important matches at the FO and Olympics... 13-4 overall... Not to mention the second loss at the ATP finals barely counted since pwnerer didn't even need that win to advance.. so of course he wasn't going to dig deep

i realize DelPo is getting legit though and that that head to head is going to narrow, but they are highly unlikely to meet 8 times in a season again... that's insane.
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