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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
ad side serves

deuce side

I can see how I a falling to the left instead of straight into the court.
that one thing I am working on.

I know my from isn't the greatest, but I can usually hold serve about 75% of the time and only double fault about 2, 3 times a match. Any suggestions on what I can improve would be great. Thanks.

Having watched your backhand issue also, I think I see a lack of stability in your feet on your backhand as well as on your service. It's like you're playing on mud (a figure of speech). I see that you try your utmost best to get the kinetic chain started, but it Seems to me that you can't push off enough to get the motion started. If you can get your feet stable/strong enough, so that the leg muscles can apply force without pushing the feet out of balance, I think you will improve a lot.
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