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I would just like to add a note from my own experience.

Don't be afraid to change your technique.

About ten years ago I returned to tennis after quite a long break (I took up squash).

Anyway, I hit up an old friend (who is a high level coach)for a hit to see where I was at and he noticed straight away that pretty much every part of my game had survived intact except for..

my FH! (uh oh)

So, we analysed what was happening and found that ten years of squash had 'ruined' (more on this in a minute) my footwork on that side as one plays pretty much every squash FH with an 'open' stance. My classic FH didn't like open stance too much.


So, long story short, instead of trying to 'correct' this, Matt (my friend) suggested we go with the foot work and rebuild my stroke around it. Voila! Modern FH here we come!

Anyway, I have been able to get back to a comparable level to when I quit, but with a much better FH that helps to compensate for my 46 year old legs not being as fast as they once were. (actually, I don't feel any slower, but common sense tells me I MUST be!)

So, you're never too old to improve, and it is never too late to adjust your technique.

(I do thank my lucky stars that I haven't had the physical issues of many of you guys, that must really suck)
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