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Originally Posted by baseline_monster View Post
Hey guys. I have a lot of issues with my knee, I get sharp pains in it when playing as well as other day to day activities. I feel like it could buckle. I am planning on getting a MRI to see what is wrong but in the mean time, do any of you have any tips on exercies I could do to stengthen it? I dont want to give up playing so any advice would be great
Theres lots of exercises for the knees ,some stretch, others strength, others rehab the knee, without knowing wether the injury is knee joint, muscles or nerves or circulatory system, its kind a shot in the dark, I'd treat it using hot and cold therapy and see if this works, if it doesn't, I'd lay off of it until the doctor makes a diagnosis and prognosis. Wall drills with limited movement are an option with knee brace.

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