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Originally Posted by mikeler View Post
I'm not telling you how to beat me.
I tell opponents how to beat me all the time and guess what? The fools never ever listen to me. They think I am joking. I have a extremely strong forehand, have even been told it is professional level at times. My backhand it weak, at best I can slice the ball back deep or low, but when forced, although I can hit almost any ball back, it is a weak shot which an advance player will crush. I run around most backhands if possible. My tennis game reminds me of the signs on the back of a tractor trailer. Pass on the left and its heaven (backhand) Pass on the right and its suicide (forehand)

Anyone have any ideas what I can do with my backhand. Main problem is weak grip since I dont switch grips from semi western forehand. I am pretty quick around the court but I am getting old now 55 and it wont be long now when I wont be able to run around the backhand.

When I was using a wood racket my backhand was a pure shank shot. Although I found that my forehand was even more precise even if it was less powerful.

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