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Originally Posted by waves2ya View Post
Will Hamilton's Fuzzy Yellow Balls site is hosting a seminar series with Bryan Bros (if you haven't gotten all the emails...!) that featured 4 free videos over past 10 days (don't think they are up any longer)...

But the Bros. advocate that a main 'partnership' tenant is to agree which player will take all lobs (back up, come in) and which player will get out of way, and the swarm net for put away...

The vid's had really good tips - that being one of them.

They've extended enrollment; you can prolly check out vid's at:

www bryanbrosplaybook dot com
I agree with this. I really like using the staggered formation when I play doubles. With 2 people up at the net, person #1 is up very tight and is looking to put away balls. Person #2 is just inside the service line, and volleying back deep down center trying to set person #1 up. Person #2 covers all lobs - thus not leaving any room for doubt.
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