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Originally Posted by TimothyO View Post
Jack's serve is easily 3.5/4.0 in Atlanta. In fact, he looks more consistent than a lot of guys I've seen.

One fellow I know who plays 4.0 Ultimate Tennis here in Atlanta has a serve that's weaker than Jack's and yet he often goes undefeated and wins his division. The reason? Consistency. He gets the serve in. Scott's serve looks terrible. His first serve is a fast and inaccurate waiter serve. His second is a dink waiter serve. NO proper form at all. And yet he wins. At least Jack has a semblance of good form.

Just because a serve might look slow doesn't make it easy to hit winners off of, especially at 3.5/4.0. Male players at this level imagine they're Djoker blasting returns...and if the serve never rises above net level odds are they're going to hit long or in the net. At 3.5/4.0 scooping low serves below net level and generating enough top spin to drive a winner in bounds ain't easy to do consistently.

Also, at low-mid level, placement is more imprtant than power since power at these levels is the enemy of consistency. But by learning how to place your serve you have a chance at providing opportunities for your opponent to cough up UEs.

Yes, there are 3.5/4.0 players who can serve really hard, I hit with two of them over the weekend to practice my return of serve. But the ones who can do that consistently are very rare.
you make good points. i guess i am lucky in that 95% of players i play with are much better so for me that level isnt impressive.
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