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Originally Posted by cknobman View Post
So the other day I was stringing with my Klippermate when I was pulling a cross string that slipped causing the drop weight bar to slam down on the frame of my stringer stand.

The force of the impact slightly bent my drop weight bar (I would say 3-4 degrees).
I was about 3/4 done stringing the racquet so I just finished up with no real problems.
Originally Posted by Lakers4Life View Post
I would insist on a replacement since it does have a lifetime warranty.
here's klipper's warranty policy from the website. it covers defects. unfortunately OP's drop bar bending is not the result of a mfg defect so does not qualify for warranty replacement.

10. What does the lifetime guarantee cover?

Our guarantee protects you for a lifetime from any defect in parts and workmanship on the entire machine. This guarantee also includes the clamps and stringing tools that come with the Klippermate.
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