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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
NadalAgassi, I find your lists of tiers very reasonable.

Let me please yet have a few remarks.

At the women I would include Pauline Betz, possibly in third tier.

At the men I would put Borg in first tier. Thus we would have the same top 7, by the way.

Hoad only fourth tier??? Don't you fear Dan's revenge?

I would not rank Newcombe ahead of Sedgman.

And I would omit Emerson. He was never of the Sedgman or Edberg class...
To be honest I see Borg as about Nadal level (I actually rate Nadal slightly ahead) so if Nadal isnt tier 1, and I dont think he is yet despite being a fan, I dont think Borg is either. JMO. They are the best of my tier 2 for sure though, even though I listed them in alphabetical order to avoid further debates beyond the tiers.

Thanks for reminding me of Betz. I knew I was forgetting someone as my womens lists were too small . Is there anyone else I am forgetting. I think I would put her 4th tier more likely than 3rd though, although I could see a case for her being 3rd as she was the best player in the World most of the post World War 11 years.

I felt Emerson had to be put in some category due to his 12 majors, even though that is obviously no way a reflection of his true abilities. Then again he probably would be nowhere near 5 or 6 majors, so really I shouldnt include him in any of the all time tiers probably.

Hoad had an insane peak level of play, maybe the best ever, but due to terrible injuries never fulfilled his potential and was at his best for quite a short period. I rank by what was, not what if, otherwise I would rank Seles and Connolly in tier 1.
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