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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
I think dividing into tiers makes more sense. These would be reasonable tiers for men and women, put in alphabetical order to avoid any further excess debate amongst my tiers:


Tier 1- Federer, Gonzales, Laver, Rosewall, Sampras, Tilden
Tier 2- Borg, Budge, Nadal, Vines
Tier 3- Connors, Doherty, Kramer, Lendl, Perry
Tier 4- Agassi, Cochet, Hoad, LaCoste, McEnroe, Newcombe
Tier 5- Becker, Crawford, Djokovic, Edberg, Emerson, Sedgeman, Trabert, Wilander

Anyone below this is not an all time great IMO, just a great of their own era.


Tier 1- Court, Evert, Graf, Navratilova
Tier 2- Connolly, Serena Williams, Lenglen, Wills Moody
Tier 3- King, Seles, Venus Williams
Tier 4- Bueno, Chambers, Gibson, Henin, Marble
Tier 5- Brough, Fry, Goolagong, Hingis, Sharapova, Mallorey, Osborne Du Pont

Likewise with the men anyone not yet listed is not an all time great, just a great of their own era (at best).
Yes, these tiers deserve some comment.
In tier 1, you have listed three players Gonzales, Rosewall, Laver, plus others like Newcombe, Emerson, Sedgman all of whom rated Hoad number one all-time.
I don't think that Hoad belongs in a "tier", he is more in a category of his own, the strongest player, but also the most range of strokes of any player.
Also, you have named 29 players. How about cutting it down a bit, to about 12? Like this:
1) Hoad
2) Gonzales
3) Laver
4) Federer

These first four rankings are Rosewall's own choice in 2010.
Plus the following, my own choices:

5) Rosewall
6) Budge
7) Kramer
Sedgman (when engaging his "extra gear")
9) Vines
10) Sampras
11) Borg
12) Tilden

Tough to judge Richard Williams in 1914 to 1916, or even Lacoste and Cochet.
Below this, you could give honourable mention to Emerson, Newcombe, Trabert, Ashe, Nastase, Smith, Connors, McEnroe, Becker, Rafter, Edberg, Perry, Crawford, etc.

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